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Management Technology Ltd. is a construction company, which provides services in the Baltic market, carrying out works related to concreting, bricklaying, assembly of reinforced concrete and monolithic structures, reconstruction of facades and roof installation.

We build, reconstruct:

  • Commercial properties;
  • Residential homes;
  • Industrial buildings;
  • Public buildings;
  • Civil engineering structures;
  • Assembly of reinforced concrete and metal structures.


Project management, carried out by the company specialists during the design stage ensures that the initial requirements set out by the client are taken into account as much as possible. The company offers to organise and manage design meetings, to check the compliance of the project documentation with the design task, to examine the technical solutions of the project, by choosing the most suitable alternatives for the client in accordance with client’s wishes and budget.

Project management during construction includes a wide range of services, such as organising, managing and recording protocols, adherence to construction deadlines and costs, ensuring the contractor fulfils all obligations, maintaining the development of executable documentation and record-keeping.

We undertake to develop the overall project budget, to coordinate the provision of materials and work (cooperation with architect, interior designer, subcontractors - builder, electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc.), coordination with institutions, process supervision and preparation of reports on each item and the project as a whole.


  • External water supply and sewage networks
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Water treatment and iron removal plants
  • Internal engineering networks


Our priority is an individual approach to every client.

A successful project clearly starts with the development of a proposal that turns into a sketch and realises into a construction project. At this early stage, it is important for the client to make the right decisions regarding the architectural, technical and technological solutions of the building. Therefore, we take special care to analyse the specifics of each client’s business in order to ensure proper quality, energy efficiency and longevity of the building and maximum return on investment, while reducing the building maintenance costs.

With a special focus on environmental aspects, Management Technology invests in the future and guarantees a high-quality and secure living environment to its clients.

We develop construction designs for new buildings or buildings to be reconstructed, as well as carry out project optimisation, namely, evaluation of the effectiveness of existing construction design solutions - show us your existing technical designs for construction and we will assess the possibility to optimise them (reduce your costs).

Construction supervision

The construction supervision services provided by the company cover not only the amount of construction work performed and the quality control of the construction work, in accordance with the construction design documentation and legislative documents on construction, but also timely identification and analysis of possible risks related to construction deadlines and quality.

The purpose of construction supervision is to ensure compliance of construction work and the quality of construction products with the regulatory requirements and work performance technologies, adhering to the rights and interests of the client in the process of construction work. During the construction process the following aspects are monitored and ensured:

  • An accurate construction process according to the task of the approved construction design;
  • Compliance of the quality of the materials used. The compliance of construction products and the construction works with the design and regulatory requirements;
  • For the whole construction, the compliance of the completed structures and engineering systems therein with the solutions provided for in the construction plans;
  • The compliance of construction work sequence and quality with the project, as well as the laws and regulations regulating the construction, labour safety and fire safety.

Improvement works

  • Dismantling of existing coverings and old communications;
  • Construction and reconstruction of civil engineering communication networks;
  • Renovation and construction of carriageways, bicycle paths and sidewalks;
  • Improvement and landscaping works.

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